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Astro Undercoat Gun for Quart / Liter Cone Top Can-fits a variety of quart-size products for easy application. To use this applicator to apply 3M Rust Fighter 08891 with the 08998 Wand, remove the short gun tip and attach the 08998 3M Wand. NOTE:Clean the applicator gun immediately after use.

Item AST-4538

Price: $15.82

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

The Astro Undercoat Applicator Gun fits a variety of quart-size products for easy of application. Important: Cleaning the Astro Undercoat Gun is important within 20 minutes of applying the liquid product to the substrate or cleaning according to manufacturer instructions or the applicator gun will be unusable if the product "sets up' in the gun. Having the empty quart container on the left, SEM 71104 Empty Schutz Container, will facilitate this process.

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