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3M Rocker Panel Coating 08889 | BodyGuard | Chip Guard 23 Fl Oz Aerosol Grey

Item mmm-08889

Price: $31.51

Availability: Usually ships the same business day

3M Rocker Panel Coating 08889 is a resilient coating designed to protect lower auto body panels from damage such as stone chipping. This coating is applied over primer coated panels and under top coats providing an additional layer of protection to the substrate. 3M Rocker Panel Coating 08889 is compatible with common automotive paints. 3M Rocker Panel Coating 08889 produces a textured finish which resists chipping, abrasion, rusting and\ weathering. Specifically developed to match OEM medium to coarse textures and produces a resilient under-the-paint coating to protect your vehicle year after year. Ideal for use on rocker panels, under bumpers and under-carriages to prevent exterior corrosion. 3M Rocker Panel Coating 08889 is fast drying, paintable, and offers excellent sound deadening properties. VOC Compliant in all 50 states.

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