It would be best to consider renting a car when not planning to buy a vehicle. Indeed, it’s true that buying your vehicle can be financially risky if you don’t plan for it properly. Unless you’re a billionaire or millionaire, buying a car is an easy task to fulfil without many repercussions to think about. But, for regular people, buying a car takes months or years of the decision process. That’s why you can try going to a car rental company in Singapore to give you more options financially.

A car rental also has benefits like more affordable options, no waiting in line for a taxi, avoiding carrying your luggage around, and discovering more places. Here are some benefits you can gain when trying a car rental. So, continue reading the article to learn about the best occasions to rent a car.

What are the Best Reasons to Rent a Car?

Are you a daily commuter who only needs a vehicle for special occasions? If so, learn the best reasons why you need to get the best rental car in Singapore in this article. Luckily, the country has an efficient transportation system from bus to MRT lines. Everyone can transfer from one place to another with ease. But, there are times you might need to rely on a vehicle because of various reasons.

If you need to rent a car, here are the occasions you must get one. After all, your convenience and comfortability should be your top priority to enjoy the entire trip.

1) When You Have Many Luggages

Are you travelling abroad or perhaps going on a staycation in another city? You’ll undoubtedly bring a lot of luggage, especially if you stay there for days or weeks. Now, it would be a hassle because carrying heavy things will be difficult if you’re commuting. It would be inconvenient for you to have them while waiting in line for the taxi or bus. You’ll also disrupt other people because you might bump into them.

For this reason, you need to find a rental car company in Singapore where you can get a vehicle for your travels. This way, it would be convenient for you to move around the city. You can rent a car to the airport and choose your preferred pick-up location.

2) Business Trips

When meeting with clients, you must build good relationships for your business. You need to introduce them with a professional approach, so it would be awkward to commute with them, especially during rush hour. It’s better to get the Mercedes rental service in Singapore so you can communicate better with your potential clients.

You can even impress your clients because they would feel more valued as you prepare for your meeting with them. Due to this, you’re one step closer to signing a partnership and improving your business performance. Expanding your network can also lead to more customers and improved brand awareness.

3) Going to a Wedding Event

There are instances when you will attend a friend’s wedding in distant places. It might hurt their feelings if you can’t participate due to the long distance. Instead of saying you can’t go, why not try the wedding car rental in Singapore to help you travel to the venue. The wedding event is a memorable experience because it’s a life milestone for a person close to your heart.

It would be a waste if you can’t attend the event for simple reasons like lack of commute options. To solve this, you can rent a car with other guests to reduce expenses.

4) Going on a Family or Friend Vacation

You can also go to a car rental company if you need a vehicle for your family and friend vacation. It will make your trip more convenient and memorable because you avoid queuing in long lines when riding a bus or taxi. Renting a car will also help in carrying heavy luggage because it would be challenging when moving them in a crowded place.

Plus, you can get to the resort hotel in time, which means you can have more time to explore the place. What if your check-in is at 2:00 pm, but you arrive at 4:00 pm? You wasted two hours of your paid hotel stay. That’s why you need a car rental to maximise your visit hours.

5) Father’s or Mother’s Day

You can also rent a car during mother’s or father’s day. It is a way to show that they are unique to you. Luckily, you can rent high-end cars like Mercedes rental in Singapore. Once you rent the vehicle, you can have a road trip with your parents and enjoy sightseeing the places you will come across. You might not buy your parents a car, but at least you make them feel the experience of riding an expensive vehicle.

6) Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations should be fun! You can try to surprise your friends or family members by getting the best car rental in Singapore. You can have a road trip or use the rented car to visit restaurants or tourist attractions to enjoy the day. It’s also a unique way to celebrate one’s birthday. For this reason, it will be a memorable birthday party and make the celebrant feel unique and valued.

7) Running an Errand

You can also use your rented car to run errands on a busy day. Instead of commuting, you can use the vehicle to make the process easier and faster. As such, you won’t be late for your appointments. Just make sure to get the best car rental service in Singapore to avoid a hassle in your errands.

8) When the Car is Under Repair

You can also try a company car lease or the best car rental when your vehicle is under repair. In the meantime, you can use the rented car for your daily travels like going to school, work, or groceries. It will be much easier for you to navigate around with a rented car.


If you don’t plan to buy a new car, you can get the best car rental from MyCarriage in Singapore. Visit their website to know more about a company car lease and wedding car rental.


Clare Louise