A luxury car is a term that many people often use. As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder—and that applies the same when it comes to luxury vehicles. Everyone has their own taste for it and preference for high-end cars at a FIAT Car Dealer des moines ia.

What most dealers of daily car rental in Singapore may tout in their ads as ‘luxury’ may be different from a car showroom. It may also be in conflict with your own taste and perception. Another man’s high-end vehicle may not be the same for others. Nonetheless, we must define and understand what makes a four-wheel vehicle classified as ‘luxury’.

What’s A Luxury Vehicle? Defining What It Means To Be ‘High-End’

When it comes to a luxury vehicle, defining it usually falls under an individual’s taste. There are expensive vehicles in the market that may appear ‘overpriced’ and lack any grandeur features. For others, it may not be a luxurious vehicle, but for other drivers, it is. Whether you’re going to a daily car rental or buying one from a showroom, each has a set of criteria for high-end vehicles.

In economics, one can define ‘luxury goods’ as high-rising demand in proportion among people with higher income. The expenditure on this type of goods is often ‘greater’ than the overall spending and is beyond most average person’s wages. Therefore, a luxurious car is a vehicle that is often highly priced in the market, regardless of its age and appeal.

An expensive vehicle type may not need to appear ‘luxurious’ or ‘high-end’. It relies on its current value on the market, and this is where personal taste and preference come into play. Not all vehicles in a luxury car rental in Singapore may fit your liking for high-class automobiles.

Luxury Car In Brands

Luxury-Car-In-Brands There are numerous brands out there, and each has its line-up of fascinating car models and flagship units that are a hit in the market. From  Lamborghini to Ferrari, Lexus, Acura, Bentley, BMW and high-tier Mercedes automobiles, we often see (by looking at these car manufacturers) that not all ‘luxury vehicles’ are the same level. Such an issue becomes a concern for a few looking for a daily car rental for a high-end vehicle or buying a luxury automobile.

If one would look at a car, say a Pagani Zonda, you’ll get the impression of the upper-class echelon vehicle. It’s a type of car that boasts not just its elegant stature but also when it comes to performance and features. The same impression you’ll get from a Lamborghini Aventador or the 1995 version of Acura NSX. Most local luxury car rental services can stock up ‘old-school’ or timeless high-end cars available for lease.

However, one cannot apply the same to other vehicle brands that appeal to a broader market. Say, Kia, Ford, Mitsubishi, and Honda are a few vehicles that are more accessible to the public due to their competitive price without compromising a handful of features, such as driver assisting safety systems and Android Auto. Nonetheless, such brands can offer high-end cars, such as Kia’s Stinger and Quoris. Ford’s Selby and Mustang cars are one of the most desirable muscle car breeds that costs a fortune.

What Makes A Car Luxurious? – The Most Highly Sought Features Of High-End Vehicle


Indeed, a luxury vehicle is never complete without those ‘extravagant’ features. Perhaps, one of the most sought aspects of selling high-end automobiles is their features, regardless if you’re going to a luxury car rental or car dealer. It’s part of its selling point aside from the brand and the overall design built of the vehicle. One can agree that you get to pay for the automobile to access and experience its features aside from its ability to transport you from one place to another.

Luxury vehicles get the special treatment of having the latest innovation and technology in the car industry. After a few years, it gets passed down to the average vehicle for the average car market consumer. Nevertheless, finding the best car rental in Singapore lets you experience the high-end without paying a fortune.

Without further ado, here are some of the most highly sought and crazy features you can find on high-end or luxury vehicles:

Comprehensive infotainment system

Car interiors matter a lot. Today, car interiors were almost like computers because of the infotainment system. Such systems allow you to access almost anything your smartphone or computer device can offer. You’ll find this system handy on the road, from AI-powered navigation assistance to access your social media account. When you visit a luxury car rental, don’t forget to check on this feature!

BMW’s iDrive is one of the most gleaming examples of a comprehensive infotainment system on high-end vehicles. Aside from being touchscreen, it has a personal assistant with intuitive control. Fiat Chrysler’s UConnect is also one of the perfect examples of a comprehensive, elegant but simplified infotainment system.

Seat massager

The Cadillac XTS’s most renowned seat massager is one of the most surprising luxury cars you may never know that you wanted until you visit a local luxury car rental for a drive demo. Long drives can be tiring, and the idea of having a massage is more than just a free-time opulence. We, as drivers, get lots of cramps after a long period of driving and having a seat massaging your back is definitely a must-have fancy feature!

Seat coolers

Seat coolers sound fancy, but it’s another luxury car feature that you shouldn’t slip on. It’s one feature that gets used during hot summer days. You wouldn’t have to worry about getting a hot-baked seat. You’ll get that ‘cool’ feeling as if you’re in a swimming pool! It’s one thing that you should ask a car salesperson or a local daily car rental dealer when getting a luxury vehicle.

Final Thoughts

Luxury cars belong in the high-end market. Nonetheless, it doesn’t get sold at a high cost without reason. Luxury cars stand as a status symbol and the best of what the current car industry can provide in the market in terms of performance, beauty and innovation!

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Lamar Johns