A rental car is much more convenient than waiting for public transportation or paying for a taxi whenever travel beyond walking distance is required. However, if you are unaware of the essentials before you rent a car, hidden fees can strain your finances. This list will assist you in your preparations.

  1. Stick to the paved roads.

Some of the information provided by the car rental company’s representative is easy to miss. Most companies forbid driving on unpaved roads, so keep that in mind. Your collision damage waiver or other rental car insurance may be void if you drive on gravel or unpaved roads. Unless you want to pay, stay on the beaten path.

  1. Fill the tank before returning the vehicle.

Stop at the gas station on the way back to the car rental company. When returning a rental car, fill the gas tank. You will be required to pay for fueling if you do not do so. In addition, the gas prices charged by rental car companies are much higher than the norm in the area.

  1. Bring your accessories to save money.

Rental cars are one of life’s little luxuries. Child seat or GPS? Do you want a radio? Save big on clothes. Kid safety seats and GPS systems could cost more daily than $3 for satellite radio. And make sure a car rental company in Singapore removes its travel accessories from the car and the bill before you leave.

  1. Avoid additional airport fees.

Car leasing in Singapore at the airport may incur an airport fee surcharge. If you rent a car at an airport, you can’t avoid this fee, as rental companies pay airport surcharges and pass them on to customers. Rent a car or take a shuttle outside the airport.

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Mabelle Mann