Every time you pull your brake, your brake pads are worn down bit by bit. But there will be a point coming where the brake replacements will become inevitable. The replacements must be done to ensure complete safety while driving. If there are urgent replacements in demand, you might want to do it yourself to save some money. This is a relatively easier job if you know how things are to be done. Before you do it at home, here are some tips you need to consider.

Do use Jack Stands

Before the replacements, you will need to lift your car to access the braking system and the tyres need removal. Reliance on standard hydraulic jacks might not prove beneficial and having backup stands are ideal. This will ensure that safety is in place if your hydraulic jacks fail to hold the weight and snap. And when you are lifting your car, make sure that the surface is flat, plain, and leveled for the stands to perform effectively.

Don’t Install Brakes Backwards

Once the tyres are removed, use a wrench to remove the bolts by keeping a firm grip on your existing brake pads in their place. The next procedure involves the removal of the screws and the bolts on each of the pads without removing the entire bracket. Next, attach the newer brake pads and make sure that you read the packaging instructions carefully to install them correctly. The pads must be facing the rotors and installing them backward might damage your rotors.

Do Pump the Brake Pedal

Once the installation is done and the tyres are back on, it is time for some test drives. Before the test drive begins, make sure you pump your brake pedal. This will enable to put the piston back in its place and will make sure that the brakes are completely ready to be used. If the pedals aren’t pumped, you might fail to stop quickly and that is disastrous.

Don’t Hesitate to Call for Help

It is quite natural if you get stuck in a specific step of installation and it is absolutely fine to call for help from your local brake experts. Making some costly mistakes on road is the last thing you would want. The help will enhance your process from getting done correctly.

Cross Drilled brake pads come with a detailed instruction manual for installation and referring to that might get your replacements done easily. 

Lamar Johns

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