If you or someone you know has been in a truck accident, then you are probably wondering how to prevent these types of accidents from happening. This article will provide some helpful tips on what can be done before an accident occurs to help guard against it.

1. Understand Your Own Behavior

You are responsible for your own behavior behind the wheel of a car. Don’t behave recklessly or illegally, and don’t put yourself into situations where you’ll be tempted to break laws. For example, it might seem safer to pass on the right shoulder when there is no traffic coming rather than wait for an opening in oncoming traffic. However, it is illegal to pass on the right in many countries because of the safety hazard it poses to drivers in oncoming vehicles.

2. Get Familiar with Trucking Regulations

Trucking regulations are far more extensive than those that apply to cars, so acquaint yourself with them before you get behind the wheel of a commercial vehicle. In most cases, trucking regulations include a different set of rules for commercial vehicles than those that apply to cars. For example, stick to the speed limit and only pass on the left side – but also keep in mind that semi-trucks have a lower speed limit than cars do.

3. Know What Makes Trucks Different

Trucks and commercial vehicles require greater consideration than cars do for a number of reasons. Understanding what makes these vehicles different will help you stay safe and prevent accidents. For instance, trucks and larger vehicles take longer to stop than cars, even if their lights are flashing and the brakes are engaged. These vehicles can also take more time to turn because of their size. Always allow trucks to merge into your lane before you try to pass them, and be patient while they turn or change lanes.

4. Be Hyperaware at Intersections

No one ever expects a truck to run a red light, so when it does happen, the results are usually catastrophic for other drivers who forget that trucks are not as maneuverable as smaller vehicles. Trucks also have larger blind spots on the sides of their trailers, which means you might not be able to see a truck driver’s signals that he or she is turning. Always assume that a truck is going to run the red light and be hyper-vigilant at intersections if you are in a vehicle.

5. Allow for Extra Time to Stop

When it comes to commercial trucks, you should always allow extra time to stop in case anything happens that requires the driver to slam on the brakes. This is true no matter how well-maintained any commercial vehicle might be or how familiar you are with its specific route and driving conditions, so always leave extra room in front and behind the truck—however, its best to get regular servicing for commercial truck repair in Gainesville to avoid sudden breakdowns.

6. Avoid Tailgating

Tailgating is not an issue when you’re driving along with a huge semi-truck. Remember that even if it takes trucks longer to get up to speed than cars do, they still need more space on roads where the speed limit is over 55 km/h (35 mph). If you are behind a truck, do not attempt to pass it unless there are at least three seconds between your car and the back of the semi-truck. Even if you are able to pass it, don’t come too close on the other side, or you might end up rear-ending the truck.

Trucks cause a lot of accidents, and it’s important to take steps to prevent them. Hope this article can provide you information on How to Avoid Truck Accidents. Have a safe trip!

Mabelle Mann