There are different types of helmets. Yet, it’s important to consider several factors and choose the right helmet that will suit your needs.

Modular and jet helmets are preferred by most users, although the idea of being less safe than with full-face helmets, has always been associated. For this reason, it is essential to know the points to consider, to know how to correctly choose our future motorcycle helmet.

Security before everything

It is the first thing we have to take into account with a helmet, since that is its basic purpose. According to the DGT, 19% of the people who died in an accident on urban roads did not wear a helmet and 7% of the users wore it badly (badly fastened or directly without fastening, incorrect size, etc.). We can make two differentiations regarding safety:

  • Active safety: It refers to the elements or systems that can prevent an accident, such as systems referring to comfort, ventilation, vision, sound, etc.
  • Passive safety: In this case, they are the systems that will protect us in the event that the accident has occurred, such as the ability to absorb impacts, a secure closure that does not come loose, etc.

5 recommendations for choosing the right motorcycle helmet

It should go without saying that the helmet must always be worn fastened. However, a European study has shown that 12% of helmets were lost during the course of the impact of accidents.

Choosing the correct size is as essential as wearing it fastened. The Sharp report tells us that a correct fit saves more lives than a high-priced helmet, dramatically increasing the chances of getting out of harm’s way after an accident.

Whether we use corrective lenses or sunglasses, it is highly recommended to try on the helmet with the glasses on, to avoid subsequent friction or discomfort.

It is important to bear in mind the degree of safety and protection offered by the helmet, but we should not obsess over it: it is useless if we do not properly protect the rest of our body.

Buying a helmet online involves certain risks

On the one hand, the helmet may come from other markets, so it does not comply with the European homologation. On the other hand, it is not a good idea to acquire a helmet without having tried it. Our recommendation in this very important matter is that you go to a specialized store where they advise you and you can also try a helmet.

All parts of a motorcycle helmet

Outer Shell (or Cover): In charge of giving rigidity to the assembly, it is the part that supports the first impact and abrasion on the ground. We can find different construction materials, from the most common (and economical) polycarbonate or thermoplastic resin to composites such as fiberglass or carbon. Other materials, such as Kevlar, are used as structural reinforcement.

Screen: Generally made of polycarbonate, it is advisable to opt for those that ensure great durability (anti-scratch or anti-scratch) and great comfort (specific to use with glasses). It is important to know that they must comply with their corresponding CE approval.

Closure: Depending on the preferences of each manufacturer, we can find the different closure systems for the fastening strap:

Double Buckle: Although basic in appearance, it is a guarantee of safety and perfect fit, but handling is somewhat cumbersome.

Micrometric: Very easy to manipulate and adjust, but it is in a more complex mechanism susceptible to failures.

Quick Release: Possibly the most comfortable and quick to use (the typical male-female), but the one with the most complicated adjustment. Its spring-loaded mechanism can cause problems with use.

Inner Cover: This consists of the lining, which is recommended to be antibacterial, hypoallergenic and very breathable, and the padding, generally expanded polystyrene, essential to cushion and absorb any impact.

The most modern helmets also incorporate 3D structures made of foam, achieving exceptional fit and comfort. They also use different motorcycle intercom systems to increase the safety while riding and reduce the distraction.

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