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The lockdown took away a large chunk of perfect days and our motorcycles have been grounded for more months. So, when the lockdown ends, there are few more things to keep in mind before you start again.

Tyre pressure

The Tyre manufacturers usually recommend over-inflation before the bike is grounded for a long time. It prevents the tyre from damage as the bike loses pressure over a time. Then check your manual for correct pressure and also do an overall check as well as and look for cracks, if any. Particularly Hero Splendor plus new model 2019tyres are best to use and it feels comfort . These model tyres are more flexible and smooth drive.


If there is a power source in your garage you could leave the bike connected up to an optimize. If not, you just need to check the battery. The healthy power cell should have a12.5v or upwards. The battery of 110cc scooty is best to use and there are no problems.

Fork seals

If a bike has been sitting too long, the fork seals can give up. Weap around the stanchion and seal with the help of tissues to look for any weeping oil. If the oil is leaked down the forks and possibly onto callipers, ensure that you are thorough before your ride out. 

First start

The modern bikes need minimal to rise from a cold start. But be calm when you start it after a long time, if the engine may need to crank over a few times before it fires. Once running, let it warm for a few minutes and keep an eye out for any leaks. Then re-check oil and coolant levels once a bike is cool again.

Chain tension

Take a good look at the chain which has gone loose over time or adjust if you have a tool or head to shop when you can. Use a quality chain, applying it from the inside and mask a background with the cloth to prevent an overspray reaching the tyre.

Let it breathe easy

The air filter in the bike filters is dust out particles from getting into an engine. So, it is essential to clean air filters at least once in a time during the lockdown period. Open the air filter and clean the dusted particles with the clean cloth.

Do it on and off

Some people are using their bikes for a short travel to grocery shops during the lockdown. For them, disconnecting the battery may not be a good option. So, before going for a ride, crank the engine at least once in four days. Other than that, disconnect the battery from motorcycles to prevent a discharge. 

Bottom line

I hope that you could understand the certain things to prep your bike to ride again after lockdown? Remember this forever when you start a bike. Most important is to check the engine, tyre pressure and a battery before you start your ride.

Lamar Johns

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