With so many gaining access to the Internet, buying car parts online (such as OEM tires or automotive thermal management) is as easy as owning as creating a simple email account. The online world is the most widely used means for communication, socialising and even entertainment.

The Internet As A Marketplace

However, many are favouring the Internet to acquire things they like. From ordering food to buying bike and car components, one would do almost everything they could look for online than going to a local mall or supermarket. It seems you can almost buy and sell virtually anything online—it evolved from being a primary mode of communication into a global market. It makes things a lot more convenient, simpler and faster.

It seems natural for many to buy car parts online rather than a local car parts store. Be it an aftermarket condenser or an OEM compressor, buying online car components is the crux for many car owners seeking parts replacement. There are loads of dealers and website sellers of car components all over Asia, from hundreds to thousands of results on a single search engine result. If one would search more locally, you’ll see about as good as hundreds of sellers, including second-hand and aftermarket dealers.

One can expect to see websites that display OEM tires, transmissions, etc. Others can expect sites to be specialised in providing aftermarket radiators, automotive air conditioning, etc.

The Pros & Cons Of Buying Car Parts Online


Buying auto parts online can bring a sense of convenience. But for others, some disadvantages come to it that cast doubts on many. Like many other things, there are pros and cons if you’re planning to buy auto parts online, so that’s something you should consider as a consumer.

Without further ado, here are the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing car parts online:

Pros: Wide variety of choices

As we have mentioned before, there are tons and hundreds of sellers you can find online with different price points. Some sellers can provide affordable options, while others can offer you hard-to-find components for a price.

Local stores seemingly struggle with having a limited number of stocks. Whether you’re looking for an aftermarket automotive air conditioning or OEM radiators, transmission gears or even an engine, the online market will provide you seemingly endless choices. It’s no doubt that online provides a better alternative should the local auto parts store run out of units or stocks.

Cons: Wide choices can be too overwhelming

While the massive selection of auto parts can be an advantage itself. However, it does not go without sharing an inherent disadvantage. For most people, a wide variety of choices leaves more room for buyers to be undecided. Many find themselves churning ridiculous amounts of time to decide which one they should purchase from different price points, models and sellers, etc. Online buyers are more likely to feel more conflicted with many things to consider.

No one wants to spend their entire afternoon researching and deciding if they should buy the aftermarket condenser from sellers A, B, or C.

Pros: Hassle-free purchase process

The technology and security for online transactions are ever-evolving. Gone are ‘the days’ when many were concerned about the safety and ease of purchasing things online. Anyone can enjoy shopping online in the comfort of their home, even during their short break at work. So, whether you’re buying an aftermarket condenser tank or a fancy headlight, you can make orders and expect them to be delivered to you in a few days!

The experience of purchasing auto parts for car owners is becoming pleasant and convenient. You don’t need to worry about facing traffic jams to get to a nearby car parts dealer within a few kilometres. It takes a simple touch of a button and a few scrolling here and there to find what you need! Most online sellers and reputable websites also provide a safe and fully secured transaction with your debit/credit or e-wallet. So, if you’re looking for an aftermarket expansion tank or OEM tires, you should not worry about being compromised on your transaction.

Cons: Quality can be problematic if you’re not careful

Many have fallen to the same mistakes of carrying the false impression that all OEM car parts or aftermarket components online are of good quality. Since you can’t see and perceive the product with your senses, we often rely on trusting that the seller will provide what we need. Unfortunately, not all can meet our standards and expectations, especially when you can’t inspect them.

So, if you’re planning to buy an aftermarket condenser fan or an OEM counterpart, make sure that you check the reviews first before deciding to buy. You might spot a number of honest and more detailed reviews from customers.

What To Know When Buying Auto Parts Online


So, you’ve fully decided to buy auto parts online. There are a few things that every buyer will need to keep in mind when buying car parts on the Internet. It will help you avoid wasting your time and money. Here’s what you should know first:

  • Know how to spot fake items
  • Do research first about the product and seller
  • Purchase only from secure and reliable marketplace or websites
  • Know the different types of car parts
  • Understand about compatibility

Understanding the right product for your vehicle matters a lot. Whether you’re planning for an aftermarket compressor or an OEM component, or a used car part, it’s crucial that you know what you should do. As a consumer, the knowledge of what you should do when buying online can make all the difference to your purchasing experience.

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Edgar Kim