The warranty services allow convenience and save time and money as there is no need to make time to get to the garage. Beyond that, these services solve the glitch, point-by-point, immediate and fast, which saves a lot of money on complex tests.

What is the licensed service company?

An authorized garage on behalf of the importer meets all the requirements of the ministry of transport. It also follows all the strict standards required by the manufacturers, such as the authority to handle the vehicle, specific equipment for proper handling of the brand vehicles, and service to the highest standards for customers.

The licensed company on behalf of the importer – Safety above all

Advanced vehicles have many safety systems, the incorrect handling of which can create dangerous situations while driving. Incorrect connection of the electrical system to the grip control system, improper placement of sensors that report the dynamic state of the vehicle, and more. In a licensed Company on behalf of the importer, the Select AutoProtect warranty is specialized and is well acquainted with the models in care.

And what do you do if you get stuck?

The driver who gets stuck with his car, whether he’s on a long-distance road, but even if he is just in the driveway of the house, may panic and feel helpless. Especially if he gets stuck in the middle of a drive and can’t continue on his way home.

In such a situation, he will be willing to pay whatever it takes, provided that his problem is solved. Many companies take advantage of the plight of the same driver who is offered the service of a mobile garage but at really exorbitant prices. They’re actually taking advantage of that driver’s plight and blackmailing him. It is important to pay attention because the company you’re referring to is reliable and responsible, a company that won’t demand excessive prices. There are companies like this and you just have to get to know them.

The driver who is stuck with his car in the middle of the road or even in the parking lot of the house wants to find himself ending this saga. He won’t wait long hours until the professional will evacuate and come and take care of the stranded car. It is important to choose a reliable and responsible company for the Select Auto-Protect warranty that will ensure rapid arrival and quick car handling.

Warranty plus

Warranty plus is a warranty program that allows you to enjoy a general warranty and 24-hour touring support for two years after care ends. The specific contents of the warranty program are the first vehicle inspection in the third year from the purchase of the new car and the statutory inspection in the fourth year. In addition, replacement or replacement of periodic replacement and consumables is also included in the maintenance plus cost. However, please note that agency fees and statutory fees at the time of vehicle inspection are not included. This includes the replacement of expensive brake rotors. So, if you ride more than 10,000 km a year, you can say that you can definitely get your money’s worth.

Lamar Johns