Now more than ever, it has become quite challenging to get a great deal when it comes to Hollywood sports car rental.

If you forgot to book or you will be booking at the last minute, here are some useful tips to help you snag the best deal:

Stay Away from Airports

Finding the best rental car company is just the first step in renting a luxury car in Hollywood. The next step is to stay away from airport locations. People who hire rental cars at airports often end up paying unbelievably high prices.

But it doesn’t have to be your experience at all. It is always cheaper to hail a cab to another rental location. It is because rental car companies usually have their highest rates at airport locations.

More often than not, you can save tens to hundreds of dollars in costs if the pickup location you choose is away from an airport. Although it might seem more convenient to simply rent a car from the airport, this option is not really the cheapest.

Consider More Than Luxury

If you want to find the best possible price, take note that the specific type of car you choose has a heavy influence on the final rental price. 

Fees, upgrades, and even damage waivers will expectedly cost more on a sports car. This is why you should be extra careful with your choice. After all, more than luxury itself, there are still other important factors you need to consider, such as fuel efficiency, insurance, and the size or style of the car. 

Most importantly, don’t forget to confirm and finalize the prices to pick the best vehicle for you and your trip. 

Choose a Reliable Rental Car Company with Reasonable Prices

This is probably the most important step when searching for a nice sports car rental deal. If you are urgently in need of a rental sports car, the last thing you want is to simply rush to the first rental car company you find. 

Aside from making sure that their rental prices are reasonable enough, you also need to check if the company itself is reliable. It means that the company should offer the best value for your money without compromising on the quality of their services and the reliability of their fleet of vehicles. 

You wouldn’t want to save money on the upfront rental costs only to find out that the car hasn’t been well-maintained, something that can easily jeopardize your safety while on the road. 

When it comes to sports car rental in Hollywood, you will learn that there are actually plenty of options available for you out there. However, these rental companies are not made equal. While some deliver on their promises, others are only after your money. 

While it can be tempting to pick the cheapest in the hopes of finding a good last-minute deal, always remember that your safety should still be your priority so choose only a rental company you can trust. 


Lamar Johns