Getting a car or any other such vehicle shipped to Alaska can be because of many reasons. Some might be already residents of the place and are getting their recently purchased car shipped to the place, whereas some might be the fresh migrants to the place. 

Shipping a Vehicle 

Some of the basics are mandatory when you plan to ship a car or any other such vehicle to Alaska. 

  • The best way of a car shipment to Alaska is through shipping ports instead of any other available options. 
  • Shipping a car to Alaska is never available with the door-to-door option. You can choose any of the available options such as port-to-door, port-to-port, or door-to-port. Door-to-door shipment is available only for the shipments that are completed via roadways. 

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Available Shipment Options 

Here are some of the options that are available to ship a car to Alaska. 

  • Open Car Hauler 

The open car haulers option is an ideal choice for the shipment of multiple cars at once. The open space offers the stack of enough shipments in one goes. This shipping option will even offer early shipment of your cars and to reach your place as early as possible. This option is best suited for not-so-brand cars, and there is no objection from your side if your car is exposed to the changing climatic conditions. 

  • Enclosed Hauling of the Cars 

As the name says, this option includes the close shipment of the cars. The available slots in this option for the shipment of the vehicles are not as much as the open car haulers one, and hence cannot work in your favor if you are in a tight time management condition. 

This shipment option is ideal for the cars that carry the brand name with them and cannot be exposed to the changing climatic conditions. 

Best Shipping Option 

Your car will get the shipping insurance from the time it leaves your hand and gets back to your hands in Alaska. Hence, it does not matter whether you choose an open hauler option or a closed hauler option. If your car has already experienced some dents and is quite old, then the open hauler option is an ideal choice for you. 

Shipping a Car to Anchorage Costs 

  • The possible charges of shipping a car to Tacoma WA from Anchorage AK are not more than $1500. 
  • The shipment of your car to Fairbanks AK from Tacoma WA will charge you about $2300. 

Most of the time, the possible charges of the car shipment will vary based on the type of shipment that you choose and also based on the time duration with which your car will reach the destination. 

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