Choosing the ideal lift like scooter and wheelchair lifter for example for a person with reduced mobility can be challenging. It is essential to be clear about a series of guidelines to know which is the best option. These types of elements are a help for the caregiver and for the person who needs them.

How To Choose A Crane To Access Your Vehicle?

If you are looking for a crane for your vehicle adapted to people with reduced mobility, here are some useful tips for choosing the best option.


The first thing is to be clear about the dimensions of the car in which you will use it. Keep in mind all the available space that is where it will be used. Having these details clear will avoid surprises once you have purchased the crane.


The next question you should ask yourself is what do you need the crane for. Not all models on the market have the same type of functionality. There are cranes designed for very specific actions, such as transferring a person in a vehicle, while others have a wider utility. The functionality you need is a key factor in choosing between the different options.


All these types of mechanisms work with batteries. This allows you to avoid cable clutter beyond the mandatory charge. Take into account the duration of this element to face the necessary movements for at least a full day.

Who Will Use It?

Another important point is the person who is going to use it. Assessing factors such as whether it is dependent or its weight will be important when choosing the crane. Thanks to this, you can select the type of crane that best suits the car or is more comfortable.

Types Of Cranes

Once you have cleared the above parameters, it is time to find out the main crane that will best adapt to your vehicle:

Cranes Lift People –  Its characteristics make it ideal for different levels and types of disability and have various sizes of the harness being able to lift to 150 KG. It can be installed in almost any vehicle, be it with three or five doors.

Cranes to lift and store the wheelchair: the Smart Lifter Crane is another crane option, but in this case, it lifts and stores chairs for people with reduced mobility in the trunk of the vehicle. A simple and effective way to make the car much more accessible and comfortable. It can lift to 200 KG. Choosing a lift for people with disabilities can be difficult. By following these tips, you can do it quickly and easily to

Mabelle Mann