There are two types of bearings you need to know: ball and roller bearings. Deciding which one suits your needs best requires consideration of several factors. In this article, you will learn these five general aspects to consider before purchasing from your bearings supplier in Singapore.


Most things have limitations regarding the size of bearings they can use. For example, equipment like a drill machine will require a different product than those that trucks use. The design requirements usually limit the maximum size of bearings. If you are looking for replacement bearings for your vehicle, consult with your Nissan spare parts dealer in Singapore.


The next factor to consider is the precision your equipment needs to function. A drill that dentists use will require bearings that allow precision while the wheels of a shopping cart may not need it. Therefore, research is critical before choosing less precise bearings from sellers, such as a Renault spare parts dealer in Singapore.

Load Capacity

As one of the most crucial factors in choosing bearings from a supplier, you should determine the product’s load capacity before you purchase it. This aspect determines the maximum load it can handle before it starts affecting performance.

Operating Speed

All bearings a supplier sells will have a speed limit. Aspects such as size, lubrication, and temperature, affect the maximum speed it can do. Generally speaking, roller bearings are the preferable option for high-speed usage.


Sturdy bearings are crucial for equipment to function accordingly. Some of the factors you should consider regarding durability are temperature resistance and rigidity. A deformed bearing can significantly affect your equipment. Additionally, it should withstand harsh temperatures, such as extreme heat or cold.

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Mabelle Mann