Singapore is known for its impressive public transport system. Its buses, trains, and taxis efficiently and safely bring residents to and from their schools, workplaces, and homes. But despite the effectiveness of the city state’s bus lines and mass transits, many individuals and institutions still prefer to use private automobiles. Fortunately, people can purchase vehicles or get long-term car rental services in Singapore to experience the comfort and privacy of travelling in a personal automobile.

Car rental services are popular with Singapore residents taking a few days off work or studies and going for a quick vacation. Companies also lease vehicles to bring employees, specifically their business executives, to and from their facilities. You can rent cars for a few days or months, but you can also ‘borrow’ them for up to ten years.

If you are considering getting long-term car rental services, expect to settle a significant amount of money to lease a vehicle that will accompany you on your trips. However, you can save quite a bit and cut your expenses by following these four simple tips:

  1. Avoid Peak Rental Seasons

Believe it or not, car rental services in Singapore are more expensive during the holidays or summer months. Since more people want to lease vehicles, car rental companies increase prices to take advantage of the public demand. If you do not want to pay expensive rental fees, you should get an automobile during the off-season.

  1. Opt For Pre-Owned Cars

Car rental companies offer different vehicle types for leasing. You can ‘borrow’ a simple sedan, but you can also get a luxury car rental service in their Singapore establishment. To save costs, choose a pre-owned sedan still in impeccable condition.

  1. Get Complete Package Plans

Some car rental establishments to offer their clients package deals that include motor insurance, road tax, 24/7 roadside assistance, and unlimited mileage. As much as possible, choose these plans to save money and keep yourself from stressing over your leased car’s needs.

  1. Watch Out For Promo Codes

Some long-term car rental companies frequently offer their clients discounts to lessen the fees they need to settle. If you choose an establishment that gives promo codes on special occasions, wait until they hand these discounts out before getting their rental services to minimise expenses.

Remember the four money-saving tips above when getting a car rental service at Hertz Singapore. Visit their website to learn more about their impressive long-term car leasing services.

Mabelle Mann