Every vehicle we rent, be it a car or a private bus in Singapore, becomes ours even in a limited time. Since they are in our care, we should treat them with respect as if they are our own vehicles. Before renting, the car owner and the tenant agree on unspoken etiquette rules of leasing a shuttle bus.

Here are the most common etiquette rules for renting a shuttle bus in Singapore:

1. Do not eat or drink unless permitted.

It is better to ask the driver or the car owner whether it is allowed to eat and drink inside the private hire bus in Singapore before doing so. Some vehicle owners don’t like crumbs and spills on their bus, whilst others charge an additional fee for food mess on the bus.

2. Do not bring pets unless permitted.

Some bus rental companies in Singapore are strict about pets on the bus. Some don’t allow it, while others may permit it, provided with qualifications, such as the pet should wear diapers on board. Any mess made on the vehicle is subjected to charges.

3. Do not litter.

If the bus booking service in Singapore allows food and drinks on board, have the courtesy to clean all the litter once done. Pick up the wrappers and crumbs and wipe all the spills.

Some rental services charge fees for cleaning.

3. Don’t smoke.

Most private bus companies in Singapore don’t allow smoking on the bus since the smell of smoke sticks to the interior of the vehicle.

4. Do not distract the driver.

If you want a safe ride to your destination, you better not distract the driver, ask them to fiddle with the controls or demand stories. Small talks are allowed, but drivers appreciate being left on their own.

Always treat the private hire bus in Singapore well as if it is your own car.

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Mabelle Mann