When it comes to travelling, a bike brings convenience for us. Being easy to maneuver and requiring less parking space, it is effortless to use and cut down on travel time across the city. Being it travelling to work, popping over to the nearby store, or a quick trip to a friend house in the town in a congested part, a bike helps you save considerable time. Before you purchase a new bike, a little research can help you to make the right decision and also allow you to save some money. Here are some essential tips to keep in mind when you are fetching to buy a new bike.

Choose your budget:

Determine your savings, post-tax monthly income and monthly expenses. As a remainder keep a certain amount as a few safety margins, as how much you can afford to spend each month. Multiply this total amount by the number of months you want to be paying for your bike, and that is the amount you can spend annually. Also, keep that in mind you will own it for 2-3 years and spend money to maintain for servicing, repairs, insurance, and fuel. Bangladesh is  one of the countries which have the best bike and easily affordable. So have a look at the best 150cc bike in Bangladesh on which suits you. 

Height and weight:

While you are looking, do the test ride of the bike to decide whether you can handle them or not. Weight of a bike is an essential factor which allows you for comfortable handling. You can also try out the other lighter options available in the market. Its height must be just right to handle the bike, so your feet can be placed on the ground for balancing. If the bike fits your size correctly, then it will be too easy to handle. Over the world, Bangladesh is one of the countries that has less weight and height bikes.  So if you are willing to buy light weighted one buy bike in Bangladesh.

Bike insurance:

In many states, insurance is important thing, and you should purchase as it will protect you from all the personal injuries or the additional property damages.  Still, before buying any insurance, you should read all the plans and check if you are covered under all the losses and safety measures you require.  Therefore you must have the proper paperwork in case of any legal mishap.

Service centre:

As a part of your selection, do find out where the service centre’s of the manufacturer is located. You should select a particular manufacturer, do find the location which is near your residence so that you don’t land up travelling long distances for repairs and services. It is the most convenient one to have the service or repair centre located near you.

Bottom line:

Hence the details mentioned above will be beneficial to you while buying a new bike. So buy your dream bike and make a beautiful experience. The better you feel while riding your bike the more convinced you will be about the investments.

Lamar Johns

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