A bike is the most important part of everyone life and still, many dreams to buy a new bike. The interest you are showing in buying the bike should also be shown after buying it. Once you buy your bike it is important to do a few things you are planned. Many people will start obsessing over a new asset in a way that they don’t seem to take it out in public but you no need to be one of those. You can enjoy your life to the fullest with your bike. Here are few things that you need to do after buying a new bike.


Insurance is the first and most important thing on the list of doing a thing. Insurance is mandatory for all bike owners but it does not mean you half-heartedly take out an insurance policy. You can easily get the xpulse 200 engine oil capacitywhich is one of the bikes that best suit everyone needs. There are many types of insurance policies available for the bike so while getting the insurance you have to make sure that the insurance suits your need. Bike insurance can go a long way in helping you financially if there is an accident.

When it comes to insurance the main mistake that people do is getting settled with the first company they found. While buying the insurance you need to compare the quotes and coverage with other few companies as well.


Buying an expensive bike is alone is not the end of it. There are a lot of added accessories to your two-wheeler which improves the look of your bike. These entire accessories can also enhance the safety of your two-wheeler. The basic accessories are a tank cover, a headlight cover, an angular side-panel set and a radiator cover. But the accessories may vary for different bikes and different brands. You have to make sure in advance that the accessories are suitable for your bike. Accessories are also available for 2020 hero xtreme 160rso no need to worry about accessories for scooty.


When you buy a bike many manufacturers offer a warranty and it is also available for a sports bike. You need to remember that the warranty period can vary among different companies. For an instant, some companies offer an average warranty over two years and some may offer a warranty for 30,000 kilometres from the date of purchase. Ensure to check the warranty period and other guarantees that the company offers.

Service check

For the new bike, first servicing is the most important so you need to avail of this service around 30 days after you start riding the bike. Most of the bike owners do not know what to do at the first service and in fact, some company offers you a free first service at the nearest service centre. So while buying the bike you can also check whether they offer the first service.

Wrapping up

Doing all these four important things will help you to extend the life of your bike and also will help and save your pocket during critical situations. Maintaining and serving your bike on the regular basis will save high expenses.

Lamar Johns